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MIIE 2009 - Malaysian IBS International Exhibition 2009

hello all...
today posting is actually is about my job life.

did you all know about MIIE?
MIIE is Malaysia IBS International Exhibition...

what is IBS???
IBS meaning Industrialised Building Systems.
if you all in contruction industry for sure you all know about all this thing.

this IBS will be the hottest and the searching one system in Malaysia because the new government desire to all government building must content at list 70% of IBS products

actually the main thing im write this posting is because the next week on 21,22 and 23 january 2009 there will be MIIE2009 on Cheras.

Myself will fully in that exhibition and
will represented my experienced company(since 1993) on this IBS building system.
::new Logo of our company(http://www.cycleworld.com.my/)::
for futher information our company will be in booth number 91 on the exhibition and you all will deal with me or my team there.
see you there and we can make a deal


sherwinton hotel

salam to all readerss
now im on9 in sherwinton hotel..this just for few minute coz after this i need to go to lancang.
the main reason im here is to see the offical opening by pak badawi for our company project.so i will endit this posting more after im in home...so just now i need to go the to ceremony...
see you letter on guys.
adios armigos


SPC Modular System

In today posting in like to share with all of you about my company product.
Below video will make you know example of CWC (cycleworld corporation) product.
Please enjoy this 7 minute video.
-little info about this video-
SPC Modular House System is one of the most modern Industrial Building System (IBS) to build house in the shortest time frame, reduce overall project costs and minimize labour dependency.
The system integrates Composite Isulated Materials to constract a complete cool, comfortable and yet affordable house.
For futher information you all can visit my company website
thank you for wacthing


going to serdang hospital

salam semua.
nampaknyer saya lekir mulakan posting untuk 2009 ni dengan cerita yang tidak seberape menyeronokkan... actually semalam lekir telah ke hospital serdang untuk melawat akak lekir...
mesti korang semua nak tahu kenape kan???
actually akak lekir keguguran...that why la dia terpaksa menyambut tahun baru kat hospital...
klu korang nk tau akak lekir yang sorang ni dah macam2 hospital die dah masuk...
sejak zaman dia bujang sampai dah kawin asyik dok masuk hospital aje....
lekir betul2 kesian kat akak lekir yang ini...
banyak duit dia bagi kat hospital aje.kan bagus klu duit2 tu bagi kat lekir aje...
sambil2 dihospital serdang tu sempat jugak lekir menggeshot beberapa photo...
:: menuju ke wad 6B ::
:: tengok kat no 20 tu ade name pesakit and G (G tu untuk gugur) ::

hopefully my sister akan segera sembuh dah dapat memulakan tahun 2009 ini dengan kejayaan serta dijauhkan daripada sebarang masalah.
akhir kata...
selamat menyambut tahun baru semua rakan2 bloger dan semua yang membaca posting ini.
epi good year all my friends