WakeUP project


30 lampu paling unik dan kreatif untuk menerangi rumah anda

ColoredSHAPE Black

Solar Mushroom Lamp – Avatar Plant Flowers Night Light

Boon Glo Nightlight


Portable Pocket LED Card Light Lamp


Light Blubs.

Pear Light

Liquid Light

Ring Lamp

Hat Table Lamp

At Your Command

Nixie Tube Thermometer. This is a DIY light slash thermometer that displays Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin, and humidity

DIY Clouds Night Light

Captain America

BANG! Shoot ‘em up carries a different meaning here. The gun turns the lights on and off. Just aim and pull the remote-control trigge

The Question Block Lamp. Are you tempted to knock the bottom of that question box to see what jumps out of it?

Tetris Constructible Desk Lamp Light

Uncle Milton Moon In My Room

Mini Batman Bat-Signal

LED Cloud Lanterns

Atomium Floor

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